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Indulge your skin with a moisturizing bath, refresh your eyes, firm your features, illuminate and oxygenate your complexion... restore your skin to full health... and of course, look beautiful and radiant!  Our range of treatments allows for custom recommendations. Our objective is to be able to respond to every issue and adapt our treatments to meet any request.

In addition, while the specially formulated mask is applied, you will receive an exquisite hand and arm massage to complete your relaxation.

Youth Revealing Pioneer Treatment

Face - Lips - Décolleté

Reveal your inner youth with this original facial treatment using innovative ingredients and exceptional treatment techniques for instant visible results.  With its two new professional masks and its unique resurfacing lotion, this treatment reaches the height of biotechnological performance and restores the skin's youthfulness, softness and luminosity. The specific face massage completes the action of the products and heightens relaxation.  The skin is smoother and firmer. It glows with new radiance.

100% of women prefer this treatment to their usual treatment*.

$120 - 60 minutes

Extended Youth

Wrinkle correction firming treatment

At the high-end of scientific expertise and excellence in facial care PHYTOMER EXTENDED YOUTH offers unique results paired with a precious moment of total well-being.  After only 1 treatment, wrinkles are visibly reduced and the skin is firmer.

$110 - 60 minutes

White Lumination

Brightening Radiance Treatment

Developed to reveal the radiance of the complexion and diminish dark spots.

This very complete treatment offers skin cleansing and chemical exfoliation in order to encourage a “new skin” effect. This is followed by a face massage carried out with the new Perfecting Massage Cream, an advanced professional product formulated to combine brightening action, dark spot correction and action on wrinkles. The application of the new Luminous Complexion Mask, Plasticizing with Vitamin C delivers a final burst of radiance for a glowing face.

$110 - 60 minutes

Hydra Blue - NEW!

Plumping moisturizing treatment

Give your skin a 60-minute moisturizing soak with record efficacy.

This treatment perfectly balances effective moisturizing and intense relaxation. It combines signature products with ultra-sensory textures and a very relaxing massage to moisturize and comfort the skin, which instantly reveals its natural freshness.

In just one treatment, the skin regains comfort and radiance. It is plumped up and rested.

$110 - 60 minutes

Douceur Marine

Comforting soothing treatment

A halo of softness for skin that is sensitive or subject to redness. This cocoon treatment softens the skin and improves its defense for a soothed and ideally hydrated epidermis, producing a radiant complexion.

$110 - 60 minutes

Marine Breeze

Pollution Shield Beauty Treatment

A real breath of oxygen with a treatment that brings all the benefits of a seaside stroll into the treatment room. Shine and blemishes are reduced.  Luminosity is restored to the complexion and the skin is cleansed and purified.

$110 - 60 minutes

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