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Body Treatments

Marine Body Wrap

Deep cleansing, contouring, remineralizing body wrap
60 minutes

Your body is wrapped in either seaweed or a gel rich in marine-based active ingredients. The wrap is generally used with a warming blanket to stimulate the assimilation of active ingredients. Whether you want to refine and firm your figure or restore your energy levels, you will find the perfect, fast-acting wrap for you.

$110 - revitalizing body wrap (gel)
$110 - detoxifying body wrap (seaweed)

Firming Body Wrap

Against the loss of firmness
60 minutes

Loss of firmness can be related to weight gain or pregnancy. This treatment consists of applying a full-body wrap of cool gel, rich in firming marine active ingredients. While the wrap does its work, the gentle heat emanating from unique slippers of marine mud will caress the reflex zones in the arches of your feet, for greater comfort and more effective results. The firmness and elasticity of your tissue is restored, and your epidermis is completely toned!


Sublime Maple Body Treatment- NEW!

60 minutes

Maple sap is a symbol of life, it expresses renewal and the beginning of a new cycle. This  line made from organic maple sap and maple sugar deeply cleanses, nourishes and helps cellular renewal.

Formulated from maple ingredients, this treatment will enable you to discover the benefits of natural maple to treat the skin. The moisturizing effects will be felt instantly during your treatment and the aromas will fill your senses.

The maple sugar scrub composed largely of organic maple sugar from Quebec helps remove dead skin and give softness and suppleness to the skin. Maple sugar nourishes the skin and rebalances the skin pH, shea butter and safflower oil combined with maple sugar helps moisturize while exfoliating. Never sticky, the sugar scrub has a silky creamy texture that rinses easily .

90 $



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