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When In Canada, Eh?: Outaouais, Day Two by Jessica Tiare Bowen - usedyorkcity.com

February 22, 2012

Most vacations I plan involve either a myriad of museums, religious institutions, and landmarks (sending my travel companions into cultural overload) or a beach, a fruity drink, and the mindset that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.  Embarking on this new frontier known to the more athletic world as “adventure travel” is a pretty huge step for me.

Going into the trip, I told myself that I wouldn’t say no to anything, no matter how it may have made me squeal with fear on the inside.  I was especially terrified of the thought of skiing, so when we found out we’d be trading the skies for snowshoes, you can imagine my (hidden) excitement.

Surprisingly enough, I quickly found that not only was I really enjoying the snowshoeing experience, I also kind of rocked at it.  (If you’ve snowshoed you know this is no claim-to-fame, but given my lack of winter sports knowledge, I’ll gladly accept credit for anything that doesn’t knock me off my feet).  It’s kind of like walking the sidewalks of Manhattan in heels…just make sure you go toe first when you’re walking downhill, and you’ll reduce your risk of falling face first by at least fifty percent.  With odds like that, what’s to lose?

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