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Banquet Room


Host your company’s next celebration, gala, or conference in the elegant Banquet Room at The Wakefield Mill. This spacious and scenic corporate meeting space is flooded with natural light and sublime views. This gives our Banquet Room a light and airy feel that endows every corporate delegate with a fresh perspective.

This corporate function space is perfect for companies looking to host a professional development workshop or seminar in a comfortable, but elegant venue. The Banquet Room looks out over the multi-coloured foliage of Gatineau Park, as well as our Mill’s incredible waterfall. There is space for up to 80 delegates in round table seating. However, you may also host a more intimate affair in a boardroom, u-shape or hollow square seating arrangement.

The Wakefield Mill’s Banquet Room has multi-use lighting options that allow conference leaders to set the tone for discussions and presentations. Meeting facilitators can illustrate key takeaways using the facility’s projector and projection screen. The openness of the space is highly conducive to collaboration. Therefore, we encourage our corporate guests to facilitate open-ended discussions with our complimentary flipchart and markers. Delegates may also take advantage of the free wireless Internet, maximizing the ease with which conference documents are shared and contributed to.

The Banquet Room is a corporate venue space near Ottawa, Ontario with endless possibilities. This multi-purpose event venue is ideal for hosting a multi-day conference that will include dining, discussion, and development. Conference goers will love to unwind and dine in this space after engaging in outdoor team building activities. The inherent attractiveness and spaciousness of the venue makes it easy for event planners to transform the sophisticated conference room into a fine dining atmosphere.

Our corporate delegates welcome this enjoyable change of scenery, while conference leaders appreciate minimized travel time and reduced venue complications. If you are looking for a fun atmosphere with endless possibilities, contact The Wakefield Mill and discover how to host a more versatile event in our Banquet Room.


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